The project outcomes will be delivered through the following work packages:


  • WP1 : Project management
  • WP2: National Labor Conference
  • WP3: Data report- Decent Work Country Profile (Comparative data report Norway-Croatia with best practices from Norway and recommendations for implementation of the best practices in Croatian context)
  • WP4: Establishment of Labor Market Information System in Croatia
  • WP5: Preparation of the Guideline Manual “Decent Work Agenda- establishment of tools for quality Labour Informational System in Croatia (LiSC) through Information Bureau (IB) and Workers’ Rights Advocates (WRA).”
  • WP6: Preparation of a curriculum for Workers Right Advocates (WRA)
  • WP7 Establishment of Informational Bureau and Workers Right Club within the union in Croatia
  • WP8 Preparation on final report on the model of LISC,WRA,IB as a model for proactive approach towards decent work and recommendation for action plan feasible on national level will be presented.
  • WP9 Communication and publicity (attached to the application in Communication Plan)


The specific objectives of the project:


  • To contribute towards better understanding on support services for workers to inform new frameworks on labor policies and implementation of the ILO Convention no. 144 on tripartite decision-making.
  • To increase the level of knowledge among employees and employers about EU law and policies pertaining to employee involvement, their rights and duties
  • To increase the level of information spread among works regarding decent work legislative.
  • To improve the levels of workers right literacy of workers and unions through LISC (Labor Information System in Croatia).
  • To foster new approaches in treating workers’ rights on decent work through establishing IB (Information Bureau)
  • To form workers club for join advocacy initiatives
  • To build capacities of workers regarding workers’ rights advocacy trainings
  • To offer local mini trainings on creating conditions for better worker performance (training on stress relieve, crosscultural issues, gender equality, psycho-social support, support for metal workers though WRA (workers right advocates)
  • To increase the level of knowledge through comparative data report for Norway and Croatia on implementation of ILO Convention no.144
  • To produce promotional materials on ILO Convention no.144 with focus on tripartite decision-making


Outcomes of the project:


Enhanced implementation of the decent work agenda (fair and decent working conditions). The main outcome and the produced outputs have a clear focus on the objectives in order to improve and contribute towards establishing a general information system for improving the decent work regulations and establish tools for information on worker’s rights in the metal sector in Croatia. The specific objectives of the project are designed to produce outcomes that will improve the knowledge on the subject and will result in the achievement of the objectives of the current call for proposals.