The main outcomes of the project have a clear focus on the objectives of the call in order to improve the overall implementation of the standards for Decent Work and contribute towards establishing a general Labour Information System in Croatia for informing and consulting employees regarding issues connected to decent work from the metal sector in Croatia. The overall objective of the proposed action is to contribute towards workers benefiting from safe and decent work through strengthened policy recommendations which will be based on the EU directive on decent work and can be used on the company and national level.


The project will contribute with a set of activities which include establishing a LISC (Labor Information System), IB-Informational bureaus, WRA-Workers Right Advocates, WAC-Workers Advocacy Club which will protect the workers with a comprehensive approach to inclusive labor market information collection, knowledge dissemination, and participation. The project will work towards creating conditions for cooperation with the focus to TRIPARTITE dialogue. Also through the project, the participants will be able to learn through shared knowledge on the implementation of ILO Convention no.144 in Norway through comparative data reports.